Bonaire, Part Seven: Going Home

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Sunday morning, we dragged ourselves out of bed at 8am to allow plenty of time for packing up scuba gear, loading our bags, stuffing ourselves with Esther’s crepes, and saying goodbye to everyone. I had a mini-adventure carrying our hoods across the parking lot. I left them drying on the patio, and something large and cockroach-shaped had apparently gotten into them. I din’t know if it actually was a cockroach, because as soon as I felt/saw something crawl up my hand I sent it flying!

(That was my only large-insect experience at Deep Blue View, for which I am very grateful.)

Saying goodbye was a long process involving lots of pictures, getting licked by dogs, and hugging everyone at least once. Esther also keeps these really nifty guestbooks, so Kathy and I wrote a note in it for her to add our picture to.

The rest of the day was about what we expected: a long wait in Curacao, a stressful race through customs in Miami, and an exhausted collapse into bed at midnight Pacific coast time (4am Bonaire time).

Despite all the ups and downs of the week, Jeff and I agreed we genuinely loved diving on Bonaire, and we’re also mad about Menno and Esther. We would definitely go back, though probably not during mosquito season, and hopefully with better camera karma! Being able to shore dive whenever and wherever we wanted was a blast, and after we got used to the laid-back, island-time attitude of Bonaire, we really enjoyed it. I can see why Menno and Esther decided to pack up shop and move there 4 years ago – and I hope they stick around so we can visit them again!

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  1. Yeah, better karmera next time.

    Comment by Sarah — 12/27/2004 @ 1:20 pm

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